MOMcon videos are free online for only 2 more days!

Conferences … I love them! I love going to them. I love learning. I love listening to speakers.

But the truth is, most of the content that you would get at a conference, you can get from home. On your computer. For free. 

That’s the case with MOMcon this year. For the first time, they have posted the main sessions and other bonus videos on their website for free for four days.

This conference put on by the Mothers of Pre Schoolers organization is for Christian mamas.

On Monday I shared my own summary message from MOMcon 2018. I also shared my personal experience of what it was like going to MOMcon alone, couch surfing, and spending several nights away from my baby.

Now I want to make sure all my friends know about these videos they can watch – before they’re gone! 

MOMcon video page

I will also point out my favorite videos in case you don’t have time to view them all.

Of course, a speaker’s message will be more or less meaningful to a listener depending on where one is in one’s own life. For example, Heather Avis shared a story about her daughter with Down syndrome. And Sarah Shin talked about race and the problems around trying to be “color blind.” Some people will be especially touched by these stories and some will learn something new.

But I’ll share my personal favorite and why I liked it.

I noticed MOPS posted all the main session messages except for Lisa Harper’s – who spoke the first evening. Perhaps there was a technical issue and they didn’t get it recorded. I really don’t know why else they wouldn’t include it.

Lisa Harper
Lisa Harper is a relatable, gifted communicator and Bible study creator who is a middle-aged mother of an adopted daughter. She started us off with a strong message on the conference’s theme of “Find your fire”.

She preached out of Hebrews 11 about Gideon, Barak, Samson and the other Old Testament “heroes” who were not actually so hero-like. They were actually pretty weak. But in Christ, they were made strong out of their weakness. And just like them, we cannot carry “fire” ourselves.

Our strength is not in our capacity. It’s in God’s compassion. 

My Favorite MOMcon speaker

Sarah Bessey. 

If you can watch just one video or check out the work of just one of the keynote people, look into Sarah Bessey.

Sarah Bessey - blogger

Sarah was someone I had somewhat heard of before because she has a strong blog following and anyone who uses the words “Jesus” and “feminist” in the same sentence will gain my attention.

Her message is excellent. And she’s funny. She doesn’t say anything I hadn’t heard before. In fact, it was the age-old sermon about the love of God.

Age-old. But also something we need to be reminded of constantly. I need to hear it again and again.

You are loved. Your name is carved on the palm of His hand. You don’t have to be productive or change the world or beautiful or thin or well-read or healthy or whateverYou are already so loved.

  • “Nothing moves the meter of your belovedness. … it sounds silly when we say it aloud… But some part of us believes that maybe God would love us more if we were better.”
  • “Anything in your life can change – because you are loved.”
  • “The radical discipline of your life is to live like you are loved. Because you are. And that’s what transforms us.”

Preach it, sister.

Each time I give a sermon, I ask myself if the hearers will feel a greater sense of love and devotion to Jesus because of the word preached. It’s my desire. And Sarah Bessey accomplished that for me in her message.

Other Videos

My runner-up speaker was Carlos Whittaker and his message about seeking abundant life through killing the “spider”. Good stuff. – How to Kill the Spider in Your Life (22:32)

Learn about a silly and fun game that everyone should be ready to play – at ALL times – The Floor is Lava (2:11)

If you are a fan of Spoken Word or Amena Brown, check it out – For the Women: Closing Out MOMcon 2018 (12:25)

So go to and register for free.

If you’re reading this and it’s too late, it’s no problem! Each of the speakers has plenty of free materials online. And of course, there’s MOMcon 2019 in Orlando, September 5-7!

Question for you: What preacher or blogger or speaker do you love to learn from?

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