How to learn the books of the Bible

I don’t carry a Bible around much. Not anymore.


When I was a kid, though, my Sunday School teacher gave us candy if we remembered to bring our Bibles to church. They taught us to follow along as the pastor preached. Kids even participated in Bible Drill where they raced to see who could find a certain verse in the Bible first.


Nowadays, I see very few people carry their Bibles to church – or anywhere. And it’s not because we don’t like the Bible anymore! It’s because we have devices that contain … well, everything.


My guess is people are going to continue down this trend of relying on smart phones and tablets to read Scripture.


And a handy thing about our devices is the ability to search for any particular verse. With the search function, we don’t have to use a table of contents or have the order of the books memorized.


So … Is it still important to learn the books of the Bible? 


I believe so.


Why? Knowing the order puts each book into context. As we read and realize the place of stories within the books, the grand scheme of the Bible starts to come together rather than feel fragmented. We can compare the different styles of the books, and that affects interpretation. 


Simply put, knowing the books of the Bible is foundational to biblical literacy.


If we want our children (and ourselves!) to be able to read the Bible with adequate understanding so as to explain its basic meaning, then we need to encourage memorize of the books.


Even young elementary children can learn all 66.


And the easiest way to learn them is through song! 


Today we’re sharing links to YouTube videos people have created with unique tunes. I’ve listed a few basic details about each. Pick your favorite!


Style: Rock (reminds me of Queen)
Singer: Man’s voice
What’s to view: The words of the books as they are sung.
Views: 2.5+ million
Posting Date: 2008
Length: 2:56
Words of chorus: No chorus. The end has these words: These are the books of the Bible – I read it for my survival. Every day, I hide God’s word away – inside my heart. It’s the only way to start. I hide God’s word in my heart every day.
Other comments: The creator of this video sells his songs and videos at


Style: Eukalele
Singer: Man’s voice
What’s to view: The words of the books as they are sung. 
Views: 25,000
Posting Date: 2018
Length: 2:24
Words of chorus: At the beginning: “The books of the Bible, time tested and reliable. Scripture has a power that’s undeniable.” In the middle: “The books of the Bible – their wisdom is verifiable. Scripture has a power that’s undeniable.” Ending chorus as well.
Other comments: Order the song on iTunes


Style: Rock/Pop
Singer: Man’s voice
What’s to view: The words of the books as they are sung.
Views: 3+ million
Posting Date: 2011
Length: 2:49
Words of chorus: “These are the books of the Bible, the wonderful books of the Bible.  It’s a letter from God that sets everyone free – a gift for you, for me. (and repeat)”
Other comments: This video is ONLY the Old Testament. The corresponding New Testament books song is at (2:59) and has 76,000 views. Their songs are available for download for $1.50, and videos are available for $8:


Style: A capella
Singer: Young woman
What’s to view: The vocalist, looking directly into the camera. Simple; Not high quality video.
Views: 1.1+ million
Posting Date: 2010
Length: 1:55
Words of chorus: N/A
Other comments: The young woman sings two different tunes: one for old, and one for new. Her mother wrote the tune.


Style: Upbeat; kids
Singer: Group of kids’ voices
What’s to view: The words of the books as they are sung.
Views: 960,000+
Posting Date: 2011
Length: 1:23
Words of chorus: “In between OT and NT: “Come on everybody we are doing the books of the Bible song. Come on everybody let’s dance and sing. We’re doing the books of the Bible thing.”
Other comments: Abrupt interruption between the OT and NT.


Style: Upbeat with guitars and drums
Singer: Group of kids voices
What’s to view: Static – Picture of all the books
Views: 389,000+
Posting Date: 2011
Length: 2:35
Words of chorus: 66 books in the Bible (repeat)” 
Other comments:


Style: Kind of country-sounding
Singer: Man
What’s to view: man singing with his guitar
Posting Date: 435,000+
Length: 2009
Words of chorus: N/A
Other comments: This is a version some people learned as a child. The video is low-quality.


Style: Hip Hop/Rap
Singer: Two men
What’s to view: The two vocalists, dancing and acting silly and singing.
Views: 590,000+
Posting Date: 2013
Length: 4:02
Words of chorus: These are the books of the Bible. When we read them it makes us stronger. And we learn about our heavenly father. (repeat) (multiple times)
Other comments: This was created by North Point Kids. *It’s one of the only on this list that begins with a mandatory-viewing ad.*


It’s okay to read Scripture on devices. But let’s also equip ourselves and our families enough basic Bible knowledge to navigate the old-school-book-version of the Bible. I hope you can find a good option in this list or in your own search that will be fun to sing and will get stuck in your minds!

Question for you: Do you think it’s important to memorize all 66 books? Do you know of any other good ways to learn the books besides using music?

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